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The Registration at Thrills Casino

13th February 2017, 00:27

registration at thrills casinoIf you are interested in signing up to an online casino, Thrills can be a very good choice. Following simple steps described below, you will be able to visit the online casino and enjoy your welcoming bonus.

The registration at Thrills Casino is very easy. All you need to do is to push a button “Create Your Account” and you will be immediately redirected to the page with a registration form.

The first step is providing your valid e-mail address, creating a username and a password. Remember you password and secure it appropriately, since in case it is learnt and used by third parties, the casino is free of responsibility. This is your sole duty to maintain the appropriate security of your username and password.

Then you need to insert your personal information, such as address of residence, a phone number, the date of birth and your identity. You should be sure you have provided only valid data. Providing some pieces of your personal information change in the future, you will be obliged to change them in your personal account.

In order to finish your registration process you will need to read the terms and conditions of Thrills.

After completing the registration form and accepting terms and conditions, you will be able to use your account. You need to remember, that some activities are strongly forbidden at Thrills.

For example, you can’t create several personal accounts, even in case you think that the reason for it can be justified. In such situations Thrills has a right to block or even close your accounts. It may also allow you to use only that account, which was created as the first one. Nonetheless, you will be fined 10% (at least £25.50) for each attempt to create an extra account.

You are also not allowed to sell or transfer your funds to other players or receive the funds from them.

If you behave accordingly to these simple rules, you will be able to use the huge variety of services, provided by Thrills to its customers. Remember that these rules are a part of cooperation between the casino and you, which is based on fairness and reliability.

What Describes the Best Online Casinos?

Certainly, the best online casinos are offering the best gambling services. These websites have the largest variety of casino games, the highest level of security, the fastest withdrawals, the most attractive bonus programmes and the happiest clients.