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How to Win a Jackpot in an Online Casino?

13th February 2017, 00:23

how to win a jackpot in online casinosIf you are an experienced online gambler, you should know one small feature of all online casino games offering playing for a jackpot. This small feature usually appears as a secret for the novices, who are doing their best in order to win a life-change sum of money and, unfortunately, fail whenever they try.

Certainly, this small feature is the maximum bet, which can be done in an online slot video game. Let’s take as an example Betsafe, a very popular online casino. Two of the biggest jackpots, offered by this casino for the time being are on such games as Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis. The jackpots available in these games are now £7 322 903 each. Such huge jackpots are rather rare even for the leaders of online gambling market. You have an opportunity of making minimal bets of just £0.01 in order to try to win such jackpots! Now you should remember that in case you are really chasing a jackpot, you need to bet the highest possible amount. According to the official information provided by the creator of casino games, the system simply won’t “notice” you in case you place such a small stake. The amount you bet must be the highest possible sum, only then you will participate in the real game for a jackpot.

Thus, in order to win the amount of money you are dreaming of, you will need to pay many times more, than you are probably doing. Nonetheless, if you look at these two games on the website of Betsafe, you will notice that the highest possible bet differs. Mega Moolah will demand a bet only of £6.25 in order to give you a chance of winning a jackpot, while Mega Moolah Isis will ask for £25.

Betsafe gives you an opportunity to check the minimum and maximum bets for the games with jackpots without registration. Sometimes you will probably do not understand the logical system of these games, since there are such games as, for example Spin and Win, where the jackpot is £188.193, while the maximum bet is twice as big as in the case of Mega Moolah Isis. This rule is valid all the time.

Providing you can’t afford betting such big amounts of money, at least you shouldn’t be disappointed of not winning the jackpot again after placing a small stake. You still can find a game with progressive jackpots and affordable maximum bets. For instance, Major Millions, available at Betsafe, can offer you a nice jackpot of £256 145, while the highest stake in this games is only £3. Don’t forget about scratch cards, which also offer jackpots for relatively small bets.

Remember how to win a jackpot and choose the most appropriate game according to your budget!

What Describes the Best Online Casinos?

Certainly, the best online casinos are offering the best gambling services. These websites have the largest variety of casino games, the highest level of security, the fastest withdrawals, the most attractive bonus programmes and the happiest clients.