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Can you win at an online casino? How to beat an online casino?

27th November 2017, 10:10

admiralspot bitcoin casinoIf you regularly play at casinos for quite some time, it’s probably not uncommon for to lose the entire deposit. Do you often ask yourself whether it is possible to win with a bitcoin casino, or more specifically with the properly programmed computer which acts as an online croupier? It is, indeed, specially created computer system for casinos which makes winning at casinos not so easy after all. Every online casino has the programmed advantage over us. In each game the casino has to offer, there is a special, fixed percent (set in advance) of its advantage over players. It can be both 0,5% or up to several percent.

To minimize this advantage and to have a better chance of winning, you should be adequately prepared for the game, have developed strategy and make considered decisions. Therefore, prior to participating in a play at, it is helpful to understand the rules of  each game you would like to play at,  regardless of its type – whether it’s poker, Roulette or any slots game. With proper preparation we will have the opportunity to win with an online casino. The worst mistake which is often made by beginners is to force yourself to regain lost money, as well as the lack of basic knowledge about the rules prevailing in a particular game.

Unfortunately, this is one additional step to lose your self-control and, in consequence, to lose all your money at casinos. Of course, beating casino is possible but I do not recommend you to try it at any cost or to cheat. Playing at casinos is supposed to be fun, a great source of entertainment and a change from everyday chores. It is not (and it never should be) a form of income and a place which is responsible for generating extra stress.

To sum up, it is easy to answer “YES!” when you ask whether it is possible to beat an online casino. However, you have to be smart and able to make use of some luck.

Simple example: The player tried his luck at the Starbust, one of the most popular slot games in Mr Green casino. Only 25 euro was enough to beat a btc casino and win over 2000 euro.

What Describes the Best Online Casinos?

Certainly, the best online casinos are offering the best gambling services. These websites have the largest variety of casino games, the highest level of security, the fastest withdrawals, the most attractive bonus programmes and the happiest clients.